Culture and testimonials at American Property Management in Bellevue, Washington

Culture & Testimonials

As one of the most respected apartment companies in the West, APM is also a great place to start or continue a career path. We provide our employees with the training and the resources needed to succeed and grow.

"We are committed to being the 'Best Asset Management Company in the West' by setting the industry standard in customer service and honoring our customers who rely on us for continued exemplary service year after year."

In order to fulfill our Mission Statement, we must become our APM Vision! Our employees are extraordinary people who are confident, friendly, flexible and just plain fun. Our people make that future possible. So join our momentum!

We are always looking for new Talent to join our APM Family. If you’re interested in learning more about jobs at APM and capitalizing on real opportunities to learn, grow, and start on the path to success, please visit our careers page.

A view of a maintenance worker's day planner at a community managed by American Property Management in Bellevue, Washington
A view of a leasing agent's day planner at a community managed by American Property Management in Bellevue, Washington

I began my employment over 2 years with American Property Management and in that time, I have received 3 promotions! APM is not only willing to invest in their communities but also their employees.  If you are diligent and committed to improving, APM rewards hard work and dedication! There is great opportunity for growth and development!

- Ashley Taylor, Community Director
Capitol Place Apartments, West Sacramento, CA

"American Property Management is exceptional when it comes to their employee recognition. The company always exceeds their gratitude when it comes to their staff and cares deeply about advancement within their company.

I started with APM in 2017, within my time at APM and hard work and dedication, they allowed me to further my growth and awarded me to Assistant Community Director then Community Director from when I first started out as a Community Consultant.

I’ve gained so much knowledge and growth with APM and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities they have given me. They show great efforts to pave leadership roles that make working here enjoyable and rewarding.

As a Community Director, I care highly about my employees, vendors, and residents. I would want them to feel the same admiration and dedication this company is all about. With all the knowledge I’ve gained thus far, I am eager to gain more experience APM has provided me.

With that being said, thank you APM for the opportunity to service you!"

- Yada Pann, Community Director
Laguna Creek Apartments, Elk Grove, CA