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At American Property Management (APM), we use our industry knowledge and nearly 35 years of experience to be an industry leader and The Best in the West when it comes to multifamily rental housing. We provide comprehensive property management services tailored to each property, market, and its stakeholders. We are a full client services and management company, offering low-income housing, tax-credit (LIHTC) compliance services, talent acquisitions, education & training, full scope financial services, long-term planning advisory services, as well as extensive marketing, public relations, and development services. Our team consists of the top, highly skilled & well trained, real estate professionals that pride themselves on driving the success of our portfolio.

Property Management Services

Our legendary apartment communities thrive because of superior property amenities and an ongoing commitment to outstanding customer service. Our focus on class-A, top-level luxury apartments and corporate suites demand an acute eye for detail and enthusiastically attentive staff, while our desire to create median and low-income developments has led to a full understanding of our client and resident needs. Together, we have the flexibility to meet the needs of virtually any project, anywhere.

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Operational Excellence

The foundation of APM’s management philosophy is a commitment to operational excellence. In order to achieve this, regional, area, and executive level staff review site property reports every day to ensure all operations are as efficient and effective as possible.

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Financial Results

The extensive number of services provided by APM helps control expenses, increase revenue generation and maximize NOI. Our in-house accounting, marketing, credit, and compliance departments allow APM to minimize ancillary costs and ensure extensive quality control measures are uniformly applied.

American Property Management

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