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Affordable Housing Compliance

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What sets APMI apart is our professional in-house Compliance Department that is well versed in the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program and all applicable state and federal compliance regulations. Our highly skilled on-site staff is trained in every technique available to help find the most qualified residents for our Tax Credit properties.  The entire APMI team stays up-to-date and informed on all changes that might occur within the Section 42 program in order to maintain compliance with the IRS, State Housing Authorities and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Ultimately our Compliance Department ensures a direct line of communication with housing authorities and clearly disseminates it to the individual properties. The result is a track record of remaining in full compliance with housing authorities, which has led to no recaptures, no 8823s and very few notices of correction from housing over the course of the last 25 years.

Below is a complete list of the tax credit and affordable properties that APMI has successfully managed throughout our history.

Current Experience
Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties
Autumn Run 121 Units. Great Falls, MT.
Cedarwest 121 Units. Bend, OR.
Edgewood. 57 Units. Billings, MT.
Glenbrooke. 225 Units. Puyallup, WA.
Marketplace. 173 Units. Vancouver, WA.
Mountain View. 48 Units. Great Falls, MT.
Silver Springs. 251 Units. Kent, WA.
Woodmark. 173 Units. Woodland, CA.

Affordable Units Program/Mixed-Use Properties
Capitol Place. 29 Affordable Units. 192 Total. West Sacramento, CA.
Eaglewood. 29 40 Affordable Units, 155 Total. Woodland, CA.
Monticello. 31 Affordable Units, 208 Total. West Sacramento, CA.

Past Experience***
*** Same Management/Compliance Principals and Standards have been applied throughout the company’s history
Alderbrook. 207 Units. Kent, WA.
Aspen Court. 151 Units. Casper, WY.
Brookwood (FMHA). 40 Units. Ellensburg, WA.
Canyon View. 109 Units. St. George, UT.
Cottonwood Ridge. 102 Units. Sandy, UT.
Courtside. 211 Units. Olympia, WA.
Creekside. 161 Units. Missoula, MT.
Crystal View. 96 Units. Park City, UT.
Eaglepoint. 141 Units. Spokane, WA.
Evergreen Ridge. 145 Units. Bellingham, WA.
Fairwood. 120 Units. Coeur d’Alene, ID.
Gatehouse. 100 Units. Layton, UT.
Green Valley. 121 Units. Colorado Springs, CO.
Hart Terrace. 72 Units. Spokane, WA.
Heatherstone. 225 Units. Tri-Cities, WA.
Maple Crossing. 76 Units. Maple Valley, WA.
Mountainside. 157 Units. Cheyenne, WY.
Northbrook. 90 Units. Bellingham, WA.
North Cliff Terrace. 87 Units. Spokane, WA.
Park River. 91 Units. Boise, ID.
Parkview. 109 Units. Kennewick, WA.
Pine Ridge. 68 Units. Spokane, WA.
Pineview. 54 Units. Spokane, WA.
Ridgeview. 79 Units. Ogden, UT.
River Pointe. 93 Units. Salt Lake City, UT.
Rock Creek. 59 Units. St. George, UT.
Rose Lane. 64 Units. Layton, UT.
Sand Creek. 121 Units. Colorado Springs, CO.
Mountain View. 121 Units. Kennewick, WA.
Shiloh Glen. 120 Units. Billings, MT.
Skyline. 100 Units. Reno, NV.
Skyview. 100 Units. Reno, NV.
Southridge. 93 Units. Reno, NV.
Summerglen. 153 Units. Mt. Vernon, WA.
Summit. 171 Units. Tacoma, WA.
Town Square I. 80 Units. Boise, ID.
Town Square II. 80 Units. Boise, ID.
Valley View. 80 Units. South Ogden, UT.
Westlake I. 96 Units. Maple Valley, WA.
Wildflower. 96 Units. Missoula, MT.
Winterhill. 149 Units. Marysville, WA.

Individual Tenant Approval Process

APMI combines the knowledge of our compliance department with the ongoing training of site staff for quick and accurate qualification of prospective residents. By having an in-house compliance department, site staff has an immediate resource for any questions or needed clarification while meeting with a prospect or reviewing their file. Meanwhile, APMI site staff takes pride in making the income qualification process an integral part of the overall community tour. Together their training and expertise in making a prospect feel comfortable results in a quick turnaround of compliance approval in the most accurate and efficient way.

We feature:
• Nationally certified Compliance Specialist.
• Nationally certified on-site staff.
• Turnaround averaging 1-3 business days.
• Referrals between market and Section 42 sister properties.
• Ongoing training.
• In-house and on-site current resident files.
• Section 42 trained corporate staff.

Compliance Reporting

APMI Compliance Department monitors all of our affordable housing communities and continuously strives to be 100% in compliance.  Each year we submit annual housing reports summarizing our property’s status and adherence to each state’s housing laws and as a result have never had a recapture on any of our properties. Along with the thoroughness of our application process, our due diligence when it comes to annual reporting is unmatched.  Internally, we update these reports on a daily basis and thus, are always prepared to submit the annual report when housing authorities make their request.

The annual reports include the Annual Owner’s Certification, a list of all move-ins/move-outs/transfers, a financial statement and a snapshot of all current resident’s rent levels.

Our compliance department:
• Is specialized in Tax Credit reports for WA, OR, CA, ID and MT.
• Updates reports daily for quick access and up-to-date information.
• Has a full understanding of the requirements outlined in the regulatory agreement.
• Reviews past reports for continued compliance.
• Completes all reports well ahead of scheduled dates.

Site Inspection

The constant and consistent review of our physical projects and all related compliance paperwork ensures a quality living environment for our residents, as well as, highly maintained property files.

Physical Inspection

• Each and every morning the property manager is required to walk and inspect the entire property noting any issues as the first order of business for the day.
• The property maintenance supervisor will also walk and inspect the entire property and meet with the manager to resolve any outstanding issues.
• Each month a full property inspection is completed by the regional property manager, scored, and then a list of the required tasks is compiled.
• Every single unit on the property is walked and inspected annually with a complete log of findings kept for the life of the property.
• When completing work orders the maintenance staff is trained to always complete a full inspection of occupied units to note any other potential issues.

File Review

• All new files are carefully put together by our on-site leasing staff in completing the APMI process.
• These files are then sent to our Compliance Department for review and compliance approval.
• All completed lease paperwork must have the authorization from the manager upon move-in.
• In order for the staff to receive leasing bonuses, all files must be reviewed by corporate administration to ensure APMI standards are met and fair housing guidelines are followed.
• Final review and approval of all paperwork is completed by the regional property manager during site visit.
• Additionally, any other corporate staff visiting the property will review a set number of files as well.
• Annually the recertification process allows for another opportunity to review and correct any issues with the files.

All of these internal controls safeguard the property from any potential issues and prepare the property, its residents, and our staff for all scheduled housing inspections.

Residents’ Annual Recertification Reporting

At many properties, the recertification process can be a tedious task and difficult to track.  Changes in staff, technology, or regulations can cause errors or missing files potentially leading to an 8823 or recapture of property tax credits.  At APMI our Compliance Department monitors all lease expiration dates in-house to centralize data.  It also provides a secondary check that recertification notices are sent out 120 days prior to their move in anniversary date per policy.  This process allows for plenty of time for the resident and our staff to complete the recert on time and ahead of schedule.   Furthermore, the documentation of these actions demonstrates due diligence on the property’s behalf to comply with all housing standards.  We provide real time access to the recertification status for every apartment at every property so that it is available to all management staff for review

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